Credit Builder Platinum Program Application
24 Month History/$25,000 Credit Line
  • 24 months of positive payment history on a $25,000 line of credit with only a $50 balance INSTANTLY boosting your score.
  • ​You may see an increase immediately, then continue to see an increase after each of month of payment.
  • ​Unlike other boosting programs, this plan will continue to age, and may increase your average age of credit history.

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Instant Credit Booster

Positive reporting on a line of credit to boost your score. Every month you can receive more of a boost as the account ages.

Fortress University

Courses to learn how to increase your credit, pay less tax, eliminate your debt, and make more money.

Credit Mojo

A full detailed 3 bureau credit report each month. Track, guide, protect and increase your score. Submit disputes to remove any inaccuracies.

Weekly Live Coaching

Credit Expert Rondi Lambeth will go over a new topic of wealth, credit, tax, and business credit weekly. LIVE Q&A to answer any questions in regards to credit, wealth, and tax.

Annual Financial Check

Once a year you will have access to a financial expert who will review your financial plan and go over debt, insurance, retirement and taxes.

1-1 Credit Consultation 

Our Credit Expert will order and review your credit report and walk you through which steps to take to increase your credit score quickly.
Rondi Lambeth
Founder of Fortress University
"The Credit Builder Programs are for our clients looking to take control, manage and improve their credit scores quickly."
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